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Over the last number of weeks, we’ve contrasted two fictional farmers and their approach to managing growth, and specifically an expansion opportunity. One failed in his aspirations, the other succeeded. One of the major factors contributing to the results of both examples is discipline. “Fictional Fred” was lacking discipline. He shot from the hip, and […]


In the last two issues through prose, we’ve contrasted two differing approaches to managing growth opportunities in a farm operation. “Fictional Fred” shot from the hip, taking more of a “ready, fire, aim” approach to business. That style has a time and place, and even if it isn’t your core modus operandi, there may be […]


“A business without passion is merely a job. A passion without business is merely a dream. Making a business of your passion is a bountiful success.” This morning I was in an email conversation about “mastering your craft” with a fellow business advisor, an incredibly intelligent woman who also happens to be one of my […]