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Life…Another Cost to Manage

“Despite the high cost of living, you’ll notice how it remains incredibly popular.” We enjoy many benefits from living on the farm. So many are intangible: peace and tranquility, open skies, fresh air, etc. Many others are tangible: be your own boss, grow your own food, continue a family legacy, etc. Then there are those […]

3 Planning Fails

Have you managed to take a breather from all the trade-shows lately? Why is the trade show season scheduled as such (Jan-Feb)? Because this is when we’re planning the new crop season that is merely 8-10 or so weeks away now. Exhibitors want to influence your thoughts for when you’re making planning decisions. We know […]

Why Precision Farming Should Start in the Office

We’ve been hearing about precision farming for quite a number of years now. It’s common practice among early adopters. It’s getting a lot of face time in the media. It is a strategic decision that should elevate a farm’s production efficiencies to new heights not seen before. Proponents say that variable rate is not a treatment, […]