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When Tragedy Strikes

It hits hard. Like a body blow from Mike Tyson. You didn’t know you could feel that much pain. Suddenly, everything else seem to not matter except for what you’re feeling in that moment. When word began to spread during the evening of April 6, the feeling of shock touched everyone. A Junior “A” hockey […]

Who Needs a Coach?

Muhammad Ali. Wayne Gretzky. Tom Brady. Professional athletes…emphasis on “professional,” the best at what they did (do). Evoking cries of “The G.O.A.T.” which stands for “Greatest Of All Time,” these legends all used a coach. Football teams have more coaches than they are allowed players on the field at any one time. Baseball, hockey, soccer, […]

Heat and Light

Heat comes from energy. Emotion creates energy. Therefore, emotion provides the heat. But, emotion can also cloud our judgement. It can lead us to act irrationally, and even in ways we would not normally behave. Light, however, provides perspective. By illuminating more than what is right in front of our nose, we are able to […]

Push and Pull

Push and pull. Passive aggressive. Proactive or reactive? Okay, passive aggressive doesn’t REALLY apply…or does it? A recent conversation with a banker had him using terms & phrases such as: they have no idea what they owe, to whom, or what their payments are; they leave out information in what they send to us; after […]