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#191 – Get on Down the Road

It’s been 191 consecutive Tuesdays. Didn’t miss a single one, not even when I was sicker than I’d been in over 20 years having found myself in emergency 2 days earlier, this weekly commentary on matters germane to small business, family business, your business, was written and shared with you. When my advisor instructed me […]


Without direction, how do you know where you’re going? And we’ve acknowledged many times in this weekly commentary, if you don’t know where you’re going how would you know if you’ve gotten there? Who sets the direction for your business? Without direction and a charted course, your business is akin to a rudderless boat, just […]

KYN: Profit Margin

“It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep!” Prophetic words that apply to every business and simplifies the importance of profit. Profit Margin is calculated as “Net Profit” divided by “Gross Revenue.” Essentially this calculation tells you how much of every dollar earned in gross revenue is actually profit. The smaller the profit margin, […]

KYN: Debt Structure

In this edition of KYN: Know Your Numbers™, we build on the previous topic of Debt Ratio by looking deeper at Debt Structure. Debt Structure refers to the ratio of current/short term debt to long term debt in your business. This metric provides insight into how you are financing your business’ needs. Those who know […]


One of my investment advisers forwarded an article to me recently that contained an especially compelling paragraph. The entire article is US focused, penned by a US writer and published in a US publication (reprinted in Canada in the Financial Post.) Still, the applications of these two sentences are broad and deep: “…it (recent economic […]