#191 – Get on Down the Road

It’s been 191 consecutive Tuesdays. Didn’t miss a single one, not even when I was sicker than I’d been in over 20 years having found myself in emergency 2 days earlier, this weekly commentary on matters germane to small business, family business, your business, was written and shared with you.

When my advisor instructed me to write, weekly at a minimum, I eagerly said, “Okay!” even though it sounded terrifying. And it was, at first, but it then became my medium for much of the stuff that had been ruminating around in my head over the years to have someplace to go. It wasn’t a chore on the “To Do” list; it was simply part of the routine.

But now it’s time to get on down the road. I’ve been hired to take on a project that will keep me from maintaining this weekly commentary, and while I will miss this piece of what has become my weekly routine, my change in direction is what I need right now.

So while this may be the last new piece of commentary produced by me, there are 190 others archived for your perusal at your leisure.

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Thanks for making 191 articles feel like a piece of cake.

Time to Get On Down The Road


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