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K.Ag Growing Farm Profits Inc. improves farm business performance by providing farm owners with timely, strategic advice in farm financial management. We help take the emotion out of decision making so that business owners like you can enjoy increased confidence allowing you to make important business decisions quickly and accurately. Our proprietary services assist farm business owners to significantly improve their financial confidence and rapidly increase their efficiency. By dramatically “Growing Farm Profits,” our clients enjoy less financial constraint and demonstrably enhanced personal wealth and business valuation.

What We Do

Farm Profit Improvement Program ™

Clarify your farm’s financial position which helps you understand the factors that are feeding your growth or hindering your progress. Improve your confidence in decision making. Discover your hidden profit factors. The Farm Profit Improvement Program reviews your past for dangers and opportunities, so that you can maximize your future potential.

Farm Growth Advisory

Management advisory services provide you with astute and effective ongoing support for your business initiatives driving powerful results and accelerating growth. You will always have “someone in your corner” to act as your objective sounding board and trusted business advisor. Benefit from regular business meetings to discuss results and establish focused activities, plus unlimited access to Kim to discuss business issues as they arise.

Corporate Finance

Access to adequate and appropriate credit is a main driver to business growth and expansion. You can take comfort in knowing that your entire credit process is strengthened by an experienced advisor who speaks “banker-ese.” Your relationship with your lender(s) will be elevated to that of a long term partnership committed to your success. As a strategic partner, your lender will fully understand your business and will handle the ups and downs of agriculture while maintaining open and proactive communication with you.

Profit Building CFO

Designed for the progressive CEO who has confidence in everything and wants more powerful and proactive advice. You have built a robust enterprise that demands your focus on planning and operations, but even more so on finance and management. A Consulting CFO takes the reigns of your business’ financial management and advises you, the CEO, on financial and business matters so that you can maintain focus on your strengths: company operations, developing and sustaining strategic relationships, overseeing deployment of human assets, and building your vision of the future of your business.

Farm Financial Analysis

Do you understand the financial impacts of your farm business risks? How does your business fare on critical financial metrics: are you strong and healthy? Do you know why your banker emphasizes a financial analysis the way he does? Understand where your business is financially strong, where caution is required, and where you are in a danger zone with this simple, straightforward, easy to read report.

True Cost of Production Analysis

Know your numbers! What did it cost your farm to produce one bushel of canola, or one tonne of barley? Make the most informed marketing and pricing decisions possible by clearly defining your Unit Cost of Production and by understanding what your costs truly are.

Your Farm Compass™ Strategy Planning

Choices. They are endless. You are bombarded by information at a rate and volume that is almost immeasurable. You want help to wade through all the “noise.” Sort through the clatter and clamor by setting Your Farm Compass on a plan to elevate efficiency, manage risk, boost confidence, and increase profitability.


“Advancing Your Farm Financial Management” is a one day course in a classroom setting for owners and managers who desire greater control of their farm’s financial and risk management. Designed for participants who want to elevate their basic knowledge level to intermediate, we do offer optional versions of the course for those who require entry level training in financial management, as well for those who are already more advanced.

Advancing Your Farm Financial Management” is approved for reimbursement under the Saskatchewan Farm Business Development Initiative and Growing Forward 2.

Meet Kim

Kim Gerencser

President and CEO

Kim has a unique ability of fostering strong business relationships by building trust quickly and easily through his genuine care and interest in the well-being of everyone he speaks with. Kim holds a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation, a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Services, and a lifetime of on-the-farm experience. After nearly a decade in the financial industry, Kim knew he could bring greater value to farmers by being independent, unbiased, and unrestricted in how he serves his clients.

Join the Conversation


I really enjoyed your presentation.
I believe that every farmer should take your seminar.
If by some slight chance that they already know it all then it is a great refresher.
But most will learn a lot.
In fact I believe that all lenders should REQUIRE new borrowers to.

Carey FittererMaple Creek, SK

Working with Kim has put our mind at ease regarding the decision making process on our farm; it’s always nice to have a third party opinion to tell you that you are on the right path, or to give you direction to fine tune any area that needs attention. After Kim analyzed our farm business, it gave us a better understanding of areas we need to focus on for the future.

Rob GarlandRA Garland Agro Inc.

Kim Gerencser has been a CAFA member since 2009 and the more I get to know him, the more he impresses me!  Kim clearly understands farm business management – the technical, financial and human elements involved as he has direct experience with each.  Kim is articulate and writes a very informative weekly newsletter that I often share with other CAFA members.  Kim is also a competent leader.  This young man is one to watch.

Liz Robertson, M.A. CAFA Executive Director

Kim has provided us with an excellent “outside” set of eyes when making business decisions. He has provided “sober second thought” whether it has been to scrutinize equipment purchases or the wisdom in expanding the farm. Kim has also been instrumental in encouraging our farm to adopt various systems to help the farm run more smoothly and has access to a large network of people who can help with those processes.

Joel CaversManager, Be-Ver Farms

I realized early in my farming career that focusing on improving my management skills would add a lot to the farm’s bottom line Kim has an amazing grasp of the skills and knowledge needed to train us in this area. I appreciate his straight forward style, experience and positive outlook.

Rod EdgarR2D2 Farm Ltd.

I have worked with Kim for more than seven years.  I find Kim to be strategic and forward looking, yet balanced and realistic in his approach to advising producers.  This means a producer gets the “real facts” which allows everyone to work efficiently and effectively to meaningful and timely solutions.

Kim is particularly sensitive to the challenges associated with both farm banking and farm transitions.  This is valuable for any producer completing a bank negotiation or farm transition as Kim has considerable experience including his own.  Some of those experiences are good; some have been quite educational yet valuable.

Doug YaremkoAVP Corporate Banking of a major international bank

I find Kim to be attentive and thoughtful, providing not only a sounding board for ideas but also helpful guidance from previous projects he’s worked on.  Kim brings a holistic approach to farm financial analysis.  He’s an advisor that is proud to work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, sharing knowledge that delivers exceptional results and a lasting impact.

Morgan KnezacekPresident and CEO, AgVantage Management Group

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Kim Gerencser, BAFS, CFP®, CAFA

President and CEO

K.Ag Growing Farm Profits Inc.
1-306-533-5474 (cell)